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Githembe AA

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Githembe AA

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Region: Kiambu
Varietal: SL28, SL32, Batian
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest: December 2018
In the Cup: blackberry, rose water, strawberry

Githembe factory is one of the three factories that make up the Thiririka Farmer's Cooperative Society in the region of Kiambu. This is a blend of SL28, SL32 and Biatan varieties.  We'll dive deeper into Kenyan profiles and the Biatan variety as the season continues. This coffee is an excellent example of the changes to the classic "Kenyan" profile that we have noted over the past few years. Moving away from the heavy black currant/blackberry jammy sort of characteristics towards the raspberry, tart, and at times floral profiles that are becoming much more prevalent. This coffee maintains the black currant fruit while also having some of the more delicate berries and florals that we're starting to associate with the change of climate, coffee berry disease, and the prevalence of newer resistant hybrids like Batian and Ruiru 11. It's an extremely similar story to the one we find in other producing countries, like Colombia and their struggle with Caturra and Castillo. The conversation of this shift in the production of specialty coffee is extremely interesting and we'll be spending a lot of our time and energy with our producing partners trying to learn as much about it as we can. In the meantime, enjoy this coffee because it's going to be a very good one. 

Contains 250g of delicious coffee.

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