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Mas Morenos

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Mas Morenos

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Region: Santa Barbara
Varietal: 100% Pacas
Altitude: 1,500 masl
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest: April 2018
In the Cup: chocolate, fig, cherry

During our last trip to Honduras we decided to take all of the very small 2 or 3 bag lots scoring 86 points and blend them together to create a larger lot that we could still pay the Morenos specialty prices for. We can't really do anything with 2 bags of 86 point coffee, but if we didn't buy them they would have had to sell them for unsustainable commodity prices (< $1/lb currently). By blending these lots together we created a larger lot that we can actually work with and the Morenos still got properly compensated for their incredible work. This blend we are calling Mas Morenos.

Contains 250g of delicious coffee beans.

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