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Olinka Velez - Sidra

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Olinka Velez - Sidra

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Region: Sozoranga, Loja
Varietal: Bourbon, Sidra
Altitude: 1,7500 masl
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest: July - August 2018
In the Cup: raspberry lemonade, jasmine, peach

This is our first year working with the inspiring Olinka Velez. She takes her coffee production extremely seriously, and it definitely shows in the quality. We met Olinka and purchased her coffee through the Best of Loja competition, and we feel very lucky to have it here at SEY. She is producing a varietal called Sidra, sometimes referred to as BourbonSidra. When we first tasted this coffee it was so distinctly different than any Bourbon we'd ever had that we felt compelled to send a sample to World of Coffee Research to have it identified. As it turns out, Sidra is an Ethiopian landrace heirloom varietal, which definitely explains its floral and more Ethiopian flavor profile. 

Contains 250g of delicious coffee beans.

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