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Saul Castellano

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Saul Castellano

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Region:  Valle del Cauca
Varietal:  100% Castillo
Altitude: 1,811 masl
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest: July - August 2018
In the Cup: pineapple, oolong, panella


This is a 100% Castillo lot, and if you've been working with us for long you'll know how strange this is. We've always been interested in working with single-varietal coffees for a lot of different reasons; mostly for quality and roasting purposes. We've been working extremely hard to move closer and closer to working with 100% single-varietal heirloom lots. Why Castillo? Why now? We've been doing a lot of research and tasting a lot of different hybrid varietals over the last few years and have found that a lot of hybrids have quality issues. On the other hand, a lot of Castillos in particular are vegetal with a lot of bell pepper in the profile. What we've also learned, thought, is that there are about 12 different strands of the Castillo varietal, and some of them are quite a bit better than others. Unfortunately, these generally don't get identified and separated out because it's extremely difficult to do so. Castillos and their hybrids are interesting because of their rust-resistant attributes, but in our experience never live up to the quality standards we are looking for. This is the first exception we've found.

Contains 250g of delicious coffee.

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