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SEY Named #1 Coffee Shop in America by Food & Wine

We are incredibly honored and humbled to be named 2019's Best Coffee Shop in America by Food and Wine. Here's some of what they said about us:

"The best thing about the best coffee shop in New York City is that nobody asked for this to happen. New Yorkers drink a lot of coffee, but even now, after so much has changed, this is a still a city that likes it hot, fast, and in vast supply. There are certainly plenty of people who value good coffee, better coffee, but for most people, the basics are good enough, and there are so many points in their story where Sey founders Tobin Polk and Lance Schnorenberg might have stopped, and said enough, and everyone would have been completely fine with it, but that’s not who they are, and thank goodness for that."

Read the full article here.