Francisco Vintimilla & Pepe Jijon FINCA SURYA MEJORADO - WASHED Ecuador
Francisco Vintimilla & Pepe Jijon FINCA SURYA MEJORADO - WASHED Ecuador

This farm sits directly next to Pepe Jijon's new farm, San Pedro. We have worked with several harvests from Francisco in the past, and are extremely excited to see these two passionate producers come together to create this special lot. In the cup we find lightly fermented mango, pineapple, citrus, and tea-like florals. 




Putushio, Loja


2,200 masl


January, 2024


Hand-picked at peak ripeness. De-pulped on the day of harvest. Dry-fermented overnight. Washed. Dried on raised beds.


"Fincas del Putushio is the result of an alliance in search of the perfect terroir to grow coffee. High altitude, dry weather, and rough terrain. Francisco Vintimilla (a.k.a. Red Horse) is a passionate human being, and his devotion to the community is relentless. As a social leader, he’s helped bring water, access roads, and unity to the area. He was also the first to plant coffee in the area. Together with my family, Jose, Kassandra, Monique, and myself, we are presenting a dream in the heart of the Equinoctial Andes. Surya (est. 2012) & San Pedro (est. 2018) lie at the base of this energetic center. We are focused on Typica Mejorado, a flagship varietal of Ecuador, classic washed processing, and a superb slow-drying methodology."


Mejorado is a very unique variety mainly grown in Ecuador. Though it is colloquially known as Typica Mejorado, we now know — thanks to genetic testing by World Coffee Reseach — that it is actually a Bourbon variety cross-pollinated with an Ethiopian Landrace variety. 

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