Juan Jiménez EL PORVENIR Pink Bourbon - Washed Colombia
Juan Jiménez EL PORVENIR Pink Bourbon - Washed Colombia

We are honored to have a very small allocation of this exquisite high-scoring Pink Bourbon lot from the Copa de Oro competition. In the cup we find excellent structure and sweetness, lemon acidity, tea-like florality, and mango.


Pink Bourbon


Santa Barbara, Palestina, Huila


1,700 masl


October, 2023


Hand-picked at peak ripeness. Held in cherry for 48 hours. Floated. Depulped. Dry-fermented for 48 hours. Dried on raised beds for 20 days until moisture content reaches ~10%.


Juan Jiménez produces some of our favorite Pink Bourbon in all of southern Huila. He is an exceptional producer and consistently places in the top 10 of the Copa de Oro competition. Copa de Oro is highly successful in bringing roasters and buyers together to taste coffees from previously unknown producers. More importantly, it exposes producers to international markets, which is extremely difficult for producers to do independently. We want to extend our gratitude to our friends at Osito for all the hard work that went into putting on this impressive competition, and to all of the producers who worked extremely hard to produce the extraordinary coffees we tasted there. We look forward to supporting this competition for many years to come!


Pink Bourbon is a relatively new variety being grown primarily in and around Huila, Colombia. The variety has been identified genetically as an Ethiopian Landrace, but unfortunately, we cannot be any more specific as to its origins until there is a larger genetic database.

Pricing Details

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Farm Gate (Local; PARCHMENT)

7MM COP/Carga

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Farm Gate (USD; Green)


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