Servio Botina EL CEDRO - LATE LATE HARVEST Pink Bourbon - Washed Colombia
Servio Botina EL CEDRO - LATE LATE HARVEST Pink Bourbon - Washed Colombia

This is the first year we have worked with Servio Botina after discovering his coffee at a regional competition in Huila. His coffees continue to exceed expectations, and we are excited to work with this lot from his late harvest. In the cup we find blackberry, wildflower honey, and excellent density.

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.

Pink Bourbon


Purutal, San Agustín, Huila


1,870 masl


March, 2024


Hand-picked at peak ripeness. Held in cherry for 24 hours. Floated. Depulped. Dry-fermented for 36 hours. Dried on raised beds for 20 days until moisture content reaches ~10%.


Our love affair with coffees from San Agustín is no secret; it only continues to develop and grow over the years. Servio is a new producer to us in 2024, and after so many trips, finding new producers and coffees continues to be a wonderful surprise. That this continues to occur is a living testament to how many producers and coffees still haven't had the chance to receive the recognition they deserve.


Pink Bourbon is a relatively new variety being grown primarily in and around Huila, Colombia. The variety has been identified genetically as an Ethiopian Landrace, but unfortunately, we cannot be any more specific as to its origins until there is a larger genetic database.

Pricing Details

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3.8MM COP/Carga

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