Angel Ortega Miramar GESHA - WASHED Colombia
Angel Ortega Miramar GESHA - WASHED Colombia

This is a stunning Gesha variety grown in the famous San Agustín region of Huila. This lot is only Angel's second harvest of Gesha, and we're very excited to see how this coffee matures over time. In the cup we find intoxicating aromatics of honeysuckle, jasmine, apricot, and ripe cherry.




Kennedy, San Agustín, Huila


1,680 masl


Main; January, 2021


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects. Held in cherry for 12 hours. Depulped. Dry fermented for 36 hours. Washed four times in clean water. Dried on raised beds for 18-22 days.


Angel is a second generation coffee producer who has been working in coffee alongside his father and brother for most of his life. He is a member of the new initiative we are now working with called Monkaaba.


Monkaaba is a group of producers who have been selling their coffee to the specialty market for many years. They have collectively decided that they would like to be more autonomous in their coffee production, and have more involvement in its marketing and sales. Monkaaba is committed to helping producers throughout Huila by teaching them how to cup their own coffees and how and why specific coffees are either accepted or rejected by the specialty market. This group is currently working with growers of all levels of experience in San Agustín and Tarqui to cup and discuss in depth the challenges they are facing on the way to their goals and dreams. The early results of this program have been very successful.


Gesha was originally collected from coffee forests of Ethiopia in the 1930’s. From there it was sent to the Lyamungo Research Station in Tanzania, and then brought to Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Central America in the 1953. Upon arrival it was logged as accession T2722. There remains significant confusion about Gesha because there are multiple genetically distinct plant types that have been referred to as Geisha or Gesha; many of which share similar geographic origins in Ethiopia. Recent genetic diversity analyses conducted by World Coffee Research confirm that the Panamanian Gesha descendent from T2722 is distinct and uniform. The Gesha variety is associated with extremely high cup quality when the plants are grown at high altitude and properly managed. Gesha is known for its delicate floral, jasmine, and peach-like aromas.

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3.77MM COP/Carga

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The cost of getting a coffee from cherry to beverage varies enormously depending on its place of origin and the location of its consumption. The inclusion of price transparency is a starting point to inform broader conversation around the true costs of production and the sustainability of specialty coffee as a whole.