Assefa Dukamo Hamasho 74158 - WASHED Ethiopia
Assefa Dukamo Hamasho 74158 - WASHED Ethiopia

This is the 8th place winner of the Ethiopian Cup of Excellence this year, and the highest scoring washed coffee in the competition. It is a true honor to work with such exceptional coffees, and we do our absolute best to accurately present the coffee and the extremely hard work that went into producing it. In the cup we find intense florality, ripe stone fruit, lemonade, and candied cherry.




Bensa, Sidama


2,300 masl


January, 2021


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects and depulped on the day of harvest. Wet fermented for 36-72 hours. Dried on raised beds for 9-12 days until the coffee reaches approximately 10% moisture content.


Assefa is a supplier who owns the Dukamo Assefa Kerma farm. He has been working in the coffee industry for 27 years. He works with farmers and he is currently collecting coffee from Hamesho Berena Kebele in the Bensa woreda of Sidama. This lot is 100% 74158. It’s always interesting to taste single variety separations from Ethiopia because of how rare they are. We hope to continue working towards more transparency and separations such as this one with Assefa in the future.

ABOUT 74158

This variety came out of the Metu Bishari Selections taken from mother plants from the Metu woreda of the Illuababora zone. This variety was selected and propagated for its high yield potential and resistance to coffee berry disease. The Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC), one of Ethiopia’s federal agricultural research centers, approved its release in 1979. This variety is recommended for production within the Gera, Jimma, and Metu coffee growing zones with altitudes of 1,500-2,100 masl.

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The cost of getting a coffee from cherry to beverage varies enormously depending on its place of origin and the location of its consumption. The inclusion of price transparency is a starting point to inform broader conversation around the true costs of production and the sustainability of specialty coffee as a whole.