Finca Sophia GESHA - NATURAL Panama
Finca Sophia GESHA - NATURAL Panama

Finca Sophia consistently produces some of the finest Gesha in the world. This natural-process selection comes from one of the highest elevation plots in all of Boquete, and we will be releasing a washed version in the coming months. In the cup we find a fruit-forward profile of strawberry, blueberry, jasmine, and peach.




Nueva Suiza


1,900 - 2,124 masl


February - March, 2022


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Dried on raised beds for 20 days until moisture content reaches 17%. Finished drying in a mechanical dryer in complete darkness until moisture content reaches 10.5%.


Finca Sophia was founded in 2008 near the settlement of Nueva Suiza—just up the road from Volcán. At an altitude of around 2,000 masl, this is one of the highest coffee farms in all of Panama. Finca Sophia is primarily planted with Gesha, and pairing this variety with extreme altitude has resulted in some of the best Gesha we have tasted in Panama. Finca Sophia has consistently placed in the top five of the Best of Panama competition, winning first place in 2016. We are very excited to be working with this very unique and impressive farm.


Gesha was originally collected from coffee forests of Ethiopia in the 1930’s. From there it was sent to the Lyamungo Research Station in Tanzania, and then brought to Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Central America in the 1953. Upon arrival it was logged as accession T2722. There remains significant confusion about Gesha because there are multiple genetically distinct plant types that have been referred to as Geisha or Gesha; many of which share similar geographic origins in Ethiopia. Recent genetic diversity analyses conducted by World Coffee Research confirm that the Panamanian Gesha descendent from T2722 is distinct and uniform. The Gesha variety is associated with extremely high cup quality when the plants are grown at high altitude and properly managed. Gesha is known for its delicate floral, jasmine, and peach-like aromas.

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