Gaaki AA SL28, SL34 - Washed Kenya
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Gaaki AA SL28, SL34 - Washed Kenya

This coffee comes from the infamous highland region of Nyeri, Kenya. It's a very clean representation of a unique flavor profile from this region. It has excellent sweetness with a round melon-like structure and a very articulated white grape acidity.

250g of coffee.
Orders are roasted on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.

SL28, SL34




1,600 masl


March 2019


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated. Depulped. Dry fermented for 18-24 hours. Dried on raised beds for 15-20 days.


Nyeri County is located just southwest of Mt. Kenya. The acidic loamy soil makes this region excellent for producing the traditional Kenyan varieties of SL28 and SL32. The climate has moderately hot days and very cool nights, allowing for very slow coffee maturation. All of this comes together to create some of the most dynamic and complex flavors we find in coffee. This particular cooperative is made up of 92 men and 61 women, making it one of the smaller cooperatives in the area.


“SL” is in reference to single tree selections made by Scott Agricultural Laboratories in 1935-1939. SL28 is of the Bourbon genetic group, and was selected for its drought resistance as well as its extremely high cup quality. SL28 is one of the most well-known and well-regarded varieties in Africa. It has consequently spread from Kenya to other parts of Africa as well as Central and South America. SL34 has a Typica-like genetic background selected from a single tree on the Loresho Estate in Kabete, Kenya. Both varieties are non-hybrid, and very susceptible to disease. 

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