Harbegona Ethiopian Landrace - Washed Ethiopia
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Harbegona Ethiopian Landrace - Washed Ethiopia

This coffee is intensely aromatic, with exquisite florals of violet and jasmine that open up to vanilla, peach and ripe melon. It is delicate and elegant with a bright, lively acidity.


Ethiopian Landrace


Bensa, Sidama


2,300 masl


January, 2019


Harvested at peak ripeness. Floated. Depulped. Wet fermented for 18-24 hours. Dried on raised beds for 15-20 days.


Bensa, Sidama has proven itself to be an outstanding region for high quality coffee production. Harbegona comes to us under the careful oversight of Helleanna Georgalis and is an exquisite representation of this region. Our goal in Ethiopia is to begin developing relationships with individual producers, which will allow for much better physical and financial transparency. We could not be more excited for our first trip to Ethiopia this coming winter!


Ethiopia is widely acknowledged as where coffee originated, and its production continues to represent about 10% of the country’s gross domestic product. DNA testing has confirmed over 60 distinct varieties growing in Ethiopia, making it home to the most coffee biodiversity of any region in the world. Given the tradition of coffee production in Ethiopia and the political interworkings of the Ethiopian coffee trade, it is virtually impossible to get single variety coffee lots from Ethiopia. This is changing, albeit very slowly. Most Ethiopian coffees are blends of the many Ethiopian varieties, and referred to simply as 'Ethiopian Landrace'.

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The cost of getting a coffee from cherry to beverage varies enormously depending on its place of origin and the location of its consumption. The inclusion of price transparency is a starting point to inform broader conversation around the true costs of production and the sustainability of specialty coffee as a whole.