Joselino Meneguetti ALTO RANCHO DANTAS CATUCAÍ 785 - WASHED Brazil
Joselino Meneguetti ALTO RANCHO DANTAS CATUCAÍ 785 - WASHED Brazil

Joselino is quickly becoming one of our favorite producers. The coffee from this family has been consistently excellent and a joy to work with. In the cup we find watermelon, lemon verbena, and grapefruit.


Catucaí 785


Espírito Santo


1,080 masl


December, 2022


Hand-picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects. De-pulped on the day of harvest. Wet fermented in tile tanks for 12-14 hours. Dried for 15-20 days on raised beds in a covered structure that is open air during the day and closed at night.


Joselino's coffee formerly won the regional Espírito Santo competition, and has been winning cupping tables ever since. A third-generation producer, Joselino has spent his entire life carefully monitoring the benefits and shortcomings of his particular microclimate and terroir. When he officially took charge of his family’s farm in 2010, he implemented drastic measures to improve the quality of his crop: replanting the entire farm with a new variety; introducing soil regeneration practices; initiating on-farm quality control measures to ensure final cup quality; and continually honing his harvest and processing methods. He has since established himself as one of the more respected and revered producers in his region.


Catucaí Vermelho 785 is a progeny of Icatú Vermelho and Catuaí Vermelho, and within the Bourbon lineage. It is a small uniform plant with wavy-edged leaves and bronze-hued new growth. It is high-yielding, produces large red fruit with a large sieve rating, and is both highly leaf-rust tolerant and remarkably stable in varied weather conditions. While generally an early-harvest plant, in certain climates fruit development begins early but slows significantly—a trait that has been utilized to extend fruit maturation and improve cup quality by some of the more astute producers in compatible regions.

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56.41 BRL/KG

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