Roger Urena Santa Teresa MEJORADO - HONEY Costa Rica
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Roger Urena Santa Teresa MEJORADO - HONEY Costa Rica

Mejorado has really made a name for itself in Ecuador, and quickly become one of our most sought after varieties. This selection from the high altitudes of Tarrazú really gives us a different interpretation of this beautiful variety. In the cup we find Bosc pear, guava, and chamomile. 




Santa María de Dota


1,600 - 2,000 masl


April, 2021


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Held in-cherry for ~15 hours. Floated to further remove defects. Depulped on a Penagos eco-pulper, removing ~30% of the mucilage. Dried on raised beds for 10 days.


This coffee hails from the extraordinary Santa Teresa farm, and the trees come from an excellent nursery in Santa María. Roger comes from a family of coffee producers, and has worked the land with his father since he was a boy. After spending time in the United States, Roger was able to save up enough money to return to Costa Rica and purchase land to start his own coffee farm. Topping out at 2,000 masl, his farm is amongst the highest in Tarrazú, and he has put this excellent growing potential to very good use by planting some of the best cup quality coffee varieties there are.


Mejorado is a very unique variety, mainly grown in Ecuador. Though it is commonly misnamed Typica Mejorado, we now know—due to genetic testing by World Coffee Reseach—that it is actually a Bourbon variety cross-pollinated with an Ethiopian Landrace variety. 

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